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  1. How can I adjust the settings on my domain spamfilter?

    The spamfilter in our system is split into two parts.

    The first part is a master setting (the domain name). The second part is for each POP3/Imap accounts.

    To adjust the domain name master level you must access it directly from the control panel from our main website.

    POP3/Imap spamlevel settings is adjusted in the POP3/Imap POP3/Imap control panel.

    If the domain master setting is lower than the POP3/Imap setting, the domain master level has preference over the POP3/Imap setting.

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  2. How can I forward my POP3 accounts incoming e-mail?

    In order to change any setting on your POP3/Imap account you must log into the POP3/Imap control panel via the POP3/IMap control panel

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  3. How do I change my POP3/Imap password?

    POP3/Imap account passwords must be changed via the change POP3/Imap password menu.

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  4. How do I maintain white and blacklists for my POP3 account?

    To maintain your POP3/Imap account's white and black lists you must use the control panel for that feature. Please use the menu:

    Create/delete white/blacklist

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  5. How do I setup Windows Mail and use your SMTP servers?

    Our SMTP servers are always available for our webmail users, if you wish to use our SMTP servers from other clients than webmail, we require authentication before allowing anyone to use our SMTP service.

    With SMTP auth you can access our servers for sending e-mail from anywhere in the world. Our SMTP servers are open on port 25 and port 2525.

    The example below demonstrate use our our SMTP servers in Windows Mail (Vista).


    Tools > Accounts > Add > E-mail account

    Then click Next.

    Display nameEnter your first and last name.
    E-mail address:Enter your e-mail address.
    Incoming e-mail server typeSelect IMAP if you frequently use webmail.
    Incoming mail serverAs listed in the control panel. Smtp server is Outgoing server requires authentication and must be selected.
    E-mail username:The e-mail username is the same as your POP3/Imap account name. Then enter your password.

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  6. How does the autoresponder work?

    With an autoresponder our system automatically responds to all incoming e-mails with your predefined message. Our autoresponder has a built-in "flooding protection system" that prevents two autoresponders responding to each other more than once. If you send an e-mail to an autoresponder on our system, the autoresponder will only respond once every 3 days to the same e-mail address.

    How do I access my autoresponder panel?
    To access the control panel for your POP3/Imap account, you must use the POP3/Imap control panel.

    How do I remove my autoresponder:
    By entering an empty field in the text field the autoresponder will be disabled.

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  7. How to I add or remove e-mail addresses?

    To access all information about the e-mail accounts and to modify these, you must log into your account from our main website.

    After you log into the account overview, you click the Tab "Domains", via this Tab you can see all the domains that are listed under your account name.

    Click the domain name that you want to modify the e-mail addresses for.

    When accessing the tool to add and remove e-mail addresses you can see a description/FAQ on top of the panel.

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  8. Where do I find the information about my e-mail addresses and POP3/Imap accounts?

    To access all information about the e-mail accounts and to modify these, you must log into your account from our main website.

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