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  1. How can I have a webcounter on my page?

    A webcounter can be added to your webpage using our already pre-programmed webcounter. The webcounter is accessed within your HTML using this URL

    <img src=" &dd=B&frgb=255;215;120|df=ftplogin.counter1">

    Then replace with your own domain name, next ftplogin with your unique ftplogin from the control panel.

    For more information about the webcounter, please read this link: WebCounter link

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  2. How do I use formmail?

    To use our formmail script you must use our pre-programmed formmail script. The formmail script we use is the most used script in the world for this purpose. For a more informative FAQ than ours, please read the page below.
    We use formmail on our own system as the contact form, please look at our contact form

    to see how we use it. If you do a "view source" on the document you can easily see all the content.

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