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  1. Catch-all account and spam

    If your domain name is set up with a catch-all/* in the e-mail setup, everything that arrives to your domain name that have not already been redirected, will be "dumped" into the account specified as the catch-all/* account.

    Spammers usually send out random e-mails and those will be caught by the catch-all/*. If the catch-all/* is removed remember to add the e-mail addresses to the e-mail list that you currently use otherwise they will be lost/rejected.

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  2. What are the different spam levels?

    When an e-mail is delivered to one of our mail servers it is processed by our spam filtering engine. This engine tags each e-mail with a number depending on what the contents are and who sent the e-mail.

    3-4Too effective, might reject some non-spam mail
    5-7Recommended by us
    8-12Acceptable but not perfect
    13-99Not effective

    If an e-mail exceeds the spamlevel set by the user, it is rejected and the sender of the e-mail is notified that the e-mail could not be delivered. In most circumstances the sender does not exist or is a flooded e-mail account. If the e-mail is legitimate but somehow did not pass the filter, the user will now know that you did not recieve the e-mail and can try again and changing the content to pass the filter.

    There are two settings in our system, one for the master level of the domain name as set in the Spamfilter Tab, another for each individual POP3/Imap account. The master level have preference over any POP3/Imap account settings.

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