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  1. How do I backup my Joomla installation?
    On the website

    There is a tool available to backup your Joomla site including all the files and databases. We recommend reading the online documentation for more information.

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  2. How do I install Joomla?

    All customers with PHP 4/5 and MySQL in the subcription can install Joomla from the Modules Tab in the control panel.

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  3. I have forgotten my administrator password, now what?

    If you have forgotten your admin password changing it is easy.

    You must access the MySQL 4.1 server from the MySQL Tab's PHPMyAdmin link in the control panel. After PHPMyAdmin is started enter the following:

    update jos_users set password=MD5('newpassword') where username='admin' and usertype='Super Administrator';

    Passwordet is now changed to "newpassword".

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  4. Security updates and support for Joomla

    Joomla is a CMS system that allows the user to download and install own modules and modify the code. We do not provide security updates or support for Joomla and refer to the Joomla developers forum on:

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  5. What database server is used for Joomla?

    We install the required database tables on the MySQL 4.1 server listed under the MySQL tab in the control panel.

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  6. What is my username and password for Joomla?

    Username for Joomla is Admin The password for Joomla is the same as your FTP password.

    If you later change your FTP password, the password for Joomla remains the same. The password for Joomla can not be changed by changing the FTP password.

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  7. Where is Joomla installed and how do I remove it?

    Joomla is installed in a sub folder on your website:

    /Joomla159 (or later versions)

    When installing Joomla we create a file in the root directory of your website called:


    The file have preference over all other files in your website, if you want to disable Joomla this file must be renamed or deleted via FTP.

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