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  1. How do I reset the FTP settings to default values?

    In some circumstances the "filerights" on the files on your website must be corrected.

    To reset the filerights you must login to the controlpanel from our main website. The link to reset the FTP settings is in the domain controlpanel, just click the domain name you need to reset thereafter the FTP tab. There is a link to reset the "filerights".

    It can take up to 15 minutes before the filerights are reset.

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  2. How do I transfer my content to the website?

    To upload your content to your website you must use an FTP program. We recommend and use CoreFTP. CoreFTP can be downloaded via the link:

    Download CoreFTP

    Now start CoreFTP.

    After installation please click "Site Manager" in the "Sites" menu, the below is shown

    After entering with your FTP host, username and password as found in the control panel, click Connect

    The FTP program will now connect to your website.

    Moving files from the left window to the right window uploads your files.

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  3. Where do I find my FTP details?

    To get the correct FTP details for your website you must:
    * Login on your account from our main website
    * Click the domain name you want the FTP details for
    * Click the FTP tab

    If you have PHP enabled on your website and have more than one server, you must click the PHP4/5 tab instead. Be aware what server is hosting your website so the details for the correct FTP server is used.

    Have you forgotten your account details you can request those using the forgot password box just below the login box.

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