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  1. Can I edit the zonefile directly?
    It is possible to make your own DNS zonefile. To edit your own zonefile you can access the template directly beneath the Domain and DNS info tab.

    Default there is no content as the zonefile is created by the DNS manager built into our system. This DNS manager can be accessed from the DNS manager tab.

    Editing your own zonefile is a complex matter and we do not recommend non experts to do this task. If making just a minor error the DNS server will reject the zonefile and refuse to load it. The secondary DNS servers will not copy/transfer a defective zonefile so the secondary DNS servers are still working if making an error.

    To disable the template, just make an empty template, as soon as the empty template is saved the built-in DNS manager will update the zonefile with the current contents in our system.

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  2. Can I use other DNS servers than yours?
    You can use another DNS server if required. To use our hosting services you must modify the DNS records so they point to the servers allocated by us. Please look in the DNS manager (without modifying any records) on how your domain name DNS records would have been setup if it was hosted on our DNS servers.

    We have already added your domain name to our DNS system in case you later want to move it to our system.

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  3. How can I HTTP forward from one domain to another?
    To forward your HTTP request from one domain name to another you must log in to your account from our main web site. After you click the domain name you want to forward, click the Tab www forwarder.
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  4. How can I transfer an domain name to the system?
    All domains that needs to be transferred must be in our system already. If you wish to move a domain name to our system you must create an order first before any transfer can be initiated.

    The process
    To move a domain name to our system you must issue us an AUTHID/EPP code. This code must be requested by your currenct ISP/domainhost. We can not request this on your behalf.

    After transfer
    Each ISP/domain registrar has their own process on how to transfer a domain name out from their system. We are not always notified about a transfer, it is therefore important that we are notified by you so we can update our internal records, otherwise a domain name might be lost within the renewal process.

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  5. How do I request the AUTH-ID?
    To move your domain name away from our system you need an AUTH-ID. You can request an AUTH-ID directly from our system.

    use the tab "Domain and DNS info" from our control panel. You must log into the control panel from our main web page.

    before you can request an AUTH-ID you must cancel your services with us, this is to prevent issues with renewals of the domain name (which we will no longer do).

    Cancellation of your services with us must be performed in the menu

    Cancel hosting

    If there is any unpaid invoices or the domain is not cancelled the link for request ID is not shown.

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  6. I've just updated my records, when are they transmitted?
    As soon as you click Save in the DNS manager we update our internal DNS servers and transmit the information immidiately. Other DNS servers have a TTL, short for "Time To Live", this is the time before the worldwide DNS servers own internal DNS records are updated. DNS updates are not instant.

    TTL can be adjusted, but the new TTL is not known by any DNS servers before the old TTL has expired.

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  7. Move a domain name to our system (not .dk domains)
    To move a domain name to our system, you must first create and order and the order must be processed. After the order is processed your domain name is enabled on our DNS servers.

    Depending on the type of domain name you are transferring, we send you the full instructions when the order i processed in our system. Please read the instructions carefully.

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  8. Moving my .dk domain do another ISP's DNS server?
    To move your .dk domain to another ISP's DNS server is a task that is completed between the customer and the new provider. We are not involved in the process and do not provide support for this task.

    To move a .dk domain to another ISP's DNS server the DNS server must be a valid DNS server accepted and implemented by dk-hostmaster, your new ISP is responsible for this.

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  9. Using another MX server to receive e-mail
    If a customer needs to use another server for e-mail instead of ours it's easy to change the MX record for the domain name with our DNS manager. If changing to another MX server our old MX server will stop receiving e-mail even though that the POP3/Imap accounts and the e-mail distribution list is still on the server. To prevent loss of e-mail the server must have an "override flag". This override flag the user must enable before the MX record is changed to prevent loss of e-mail. The override flag can be set in the menu:

    Override MX

    When changing an MX record for a domain name it can take up to 48 hours before the rest of the worlds DNS servers knows about the new MX record, in the mean time some servers will still send e-mail to the "old" server that then again refuses to receive as it is no longer an active mail server for that domain name.

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  10. What are the IP numbers for the DNS servers?

    DNSIP nummer

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  11. What is a CNAME and A-records? What does an MX record do?
    The DNS system is rather complicated and if a customer is not fully aware of what is modified the result can be loss of e-mail or a disabled website.

    A-record An A-record must point to an IP address.

    Let us say that you have an machine at home with the IP number and want to create sub domain called

    pointing to your server at home. Create an A-Record with homepc on the left side and the IP number on the right. After oyu have finished modifying all your DNS records, click Save. Within 24 hours the DNS record points to the IP number you entered.
    CNAME recordThe CNAME record is the same an A-record except that a CNAME record must be a existing hostname and can not be an IP number.
    MX recordMX is short for MaileXchanger. As a CNAME record it must be pointing towards an existing hostname.

    Remember to click Save after all the records are modified.

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  12. Where can I find the free DNS manager?
    To use the DNS manager for your domains hosted with us, you must log into your account from our main website.

    Clicking the domain name and the the Tab DNS manager gives access to the DNS manager panel.

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