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  1. Installing a PHP 5 server?
    When "upgrading" from the control panel to PHP 5.XX it is actually not an "upgrade". We install a completely new webserver with php 5.2/5.3/5.4 (you choose) for your domain name. The benefit of this process is that your "old" website is still running on the "old" server until you are ready to switch over.

    Click the FTP tab to "upgrade". After the upgrade, which takes around 15 minutes, you get FTP access to the new server and can easily develop your site in PHP 5 while the old website is still running on the old server.

    When ready to switch over, and if your domain is hosted on our DNS servers, you must change the ROOTIP and the * record in the DNS server to the new server name's IP address and CNAME. This is easily done from the DNS manager tab.>

    Please look in our FAQ on how to alter/modify your DNS records. If your domain name is not hosted on our servers, you must consult your current DNS host to modify those records. Please be sure that the files needed are transferred to the new server.

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  2. Safemode/Register Globals ON or OFF?
    If PHP 4/5 is part of your subscription you can easily change the safemode or the register global settings. To change the settings you must click the tab FTP from the control panel.

    It takes up to 15 minutes before the change in settings is registered by server.

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  3. What versions of PHP are available?
    When PHP is part of the subscription we automatically installs your domain name with php 4.3 if your subscription started before 2009 or you have upgraded your HTML website to PHP.

    If you later want to upgrade to version 5.2,5.3 or 5.4 you can upgrade for free via the link in the control panel using the PHP 4/5 tab.

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